What is the Difference in Water Absorption Between Cotton Towels and Microfiber Towels?

Apr. 25, 2021

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Cotton towels and microfiber towels are water absorption in two completely different areas. Today I will talk about the difference between them.

57 x 30 in Microfiber Towel

57 x 30 in Microfiber Towel

Cotton itself is very absorbent, and it will be stained with a layer of oily substances during the process of making towels. When first used, pure cotton towels do not absorb much water. After three or four times of use, the oily substances decrease and become more and more. Absorb water.

Microfiber towels are just the opposite. The initial water absorption effect is extraordinary. As time goes by, the fiber hardens and becomes brittle, and its water absorption performance begins to decrease. In one sentence: the more cotton towels are used, the more water they absorb, the more microfiber towels are used. The less water is absorbed. Of course, a high-quality microfiber towel can continue to absorb water for at least half a year.

The material of the microfiber towel is made of a blend of 80% polyester + 20% polyamide, and the durability of its water absorption depends entirely on the polyamide content inside, but because polyamide is more expensive than polyester on the market now In order to save costs, many businesses cut nylon components, and even used 100% polyester towels to pretend to be. Such towels have the same water absorption effect in the early stage, but their water absorption time is less than one month. Therefore, you must choose the right towel that suits you.

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