Microfiber Towels Must Be Used Well to Wipe the Car

May. 26, 2021

As a Car Drying Towel Wholesale, share it with everyone. When you use towels, do you remember that you should use a face towel to wash your face, a bath towel for your body, a car towel when you wipe your car, and even glasses cloth when you wipe your glasses.

But as everyone now knows that you need to use a car wipe to wipe a car, why do some people use a car wipe to hurt the paint?

The reason is simple, that is, the car wipes have to be used well.

25 x35cm Microfiber Towel

25 x35cm Microfiber Towel

In fact, many people now think that the towel is so soft, how can it hurt the paint of the car?

In fact, it's like some pimple on your face. You wanted to use some ointment to get rid of it, but when you used the wrong ointment, not only would it not get better, but it seemed to cause more damage.

So when you wipe the car, the easiest way is to at least use the right towel, a special car wipe.

The fiber composition, water absorption, and settling time of the towel will all affect the softness of the towel, so different softness will naturally have different effects on the contact surface of the car paint.

And although some people say that they use car wipes, they are too violent to use, and this will damage the paint.

What kind of towel should I use to clean the car?

Microfiber towels should be used to wipe the car.

Because of the small diameter of the microfiber, its bending rigidity is very small, so the hand feel is particularly soft, and it has a strong cleaning function and waterproof and breathable effect. In addition, the microfiber has many fine pores between the microfibers to form a capillary structure. If it is processed into a towel-like fabric, it has good water absorption and decontamination. Therefore, if the microfiber is used to wipe the car, it is very good.

In addition to car wipes, microfiber towels are also very good in printing. The use of digital printing heat transfer technology can customize various exquisite patterns on microfiber towels.

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