Are you Still Washing Your Car With Ordinary Towels?

May. 14, 2021

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With the improvement of our living standards, more and more people are gradually buying cars, and car transportation has gradually become a popular trend!

Many people care about the new car they just bought, and pay attention to whether it stays as bright as new at all times! In short, car owners will take care of their car very carefully, and the car will be cleaned immediately if it is dirty.

Car Drying Towel

Car Drying Towel

Keeping a car after buying a car is a big problem! If we always go to the car wash shop to consume, everyone knows that the cost is still quite expensive, and the burden of life will be greatly increased. In fact, sometimes we can fix some small dust in the car at home and wipe it clean!

Car wiping cloth is believed to be familiar to car owners. This is also a cleaning tool commonly used by car lovers. When we use the car wiping cloth to wipe the car, if the material of the car wiping cloth is not good, it is easy to damage the paint.

Speaking of before, when I was a novice who didn’t understand, I just chose ordinary cotton towels as the car wiping cloth without experience. After using it for a period of time, I found that it was not very labor-saving to wash the car until later. An old friend told me that you must use a car wash special cleaning cloth. I suddenly realized that after he recommended me this ultra-fine fiber thickened car wash towel. It does not shed hair, does not fade, is easy to clean, and is anti-mildew. Strong water absorption and efficient decontamination!

You may not be familiar with microfiber, but its principle is very simple:

Because the surface area of microfiber is relatively large, there will be more pores in the fabric. At the same time, it will take advantage of the capillary wicking effect, so it can achieve rapid water absorption or rapid drying. It is especially suitable for car washing and wiping.

Feeling of use:

This car washing cloth showed the advantages that ordinary towels did not have in the process of using it. First of all, it is super absorbent and has no water stains. At the same time, it has good softness and is very comfortable to use.

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